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Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille is a company’s precious ally in showcasing itself in a high-end context. Many companies, known or not, large or small, have already made the right choice by joining Richard Mille, title partner of the Concours. The wide range of activities and first-class services on offer means that everyone can find something to suit them.

The main theme is of course the unique and ephemeral museum of the Most Beautiful Cars in the World. However, the various types of entertainment offered during this Elegant Sunday in the Countryside in the incomparable setting of the Domaine de Chantilly will also delight car enthusiasts, whether they have a passion for cars, or not.

According to their budget, companies can organise various exceptional public relations operations:

  • The Rallies Country Lunch : the country lunch of the rallies with the owners of the vintage cars or Supercars, ideal for manufacturers
  • The Official Gala Dinner in the spectacular Grandes Ecuries can host guests, but in an ultra-confidential number.


All this is accompanied by visibility proposals on the site or in the communication tools. Contact us for a tailored offer: marketing@peter.fr