Clubs & Individuals

Countryside scenes...

As guardians of our automotive heritage, Clubs & Individuals that make them up are the guests of choice for Peter Auto events. If they are brand clubs, they are grouped by country of origin and by era. Multi-brand clubs and individual owners (who do not belong to a Club or whose Club is not present) are also invited to join in this great weekend of passion and elegance.
All are invited to take advantage of privileged services (Club tickets, dedicated exhibition areas on the estate, receptions, picnic baskets, etc.).

The oldest cars are invited to exhibit inside the estate. A dedicated area for Youngtimers and another for Supercars will also be available on the lawns of the Marronniers, opposite the gates of the Château.

Grand Prix des Clubs

Every year, around forty of these clubs take part in the huge Garden-Party, a veritable countryside picture that would have inspired some of the most illustrious Impressionist painters.
From sophisticated picnic baskets to exquisitely decorated tables, the elegance of the exhibits must be in harmony if they hope to win the Grand Prix des Clubs, based on the quality of the presentation, the diversity and originality of the models on display, and the attention paid to the Déjeuner sur l'Herbe.

Garden Party

Prepared by a renowned caterer, several souvenir baskets and tote bags are available for pre-order only. To make this great Garden Party a success, everyone is welcome to bring their own picnic, and public catering services will also be available on site.

Le Nôtre Rally

New for this 2024 edition, the Le Nôtre Rally opens its doors to Clubs & Individuals; come along for an exceptional day, a unique experience, on Saturday 14 September.

Starting with a gourmet lunch, our carefully devised roadbook will take you along the most beautiful roads in the Oise region and the Mortefontaine circuit, where you will have the privilege of driving through a section of its famous speed ring and road circuit.