The Rallies

Since a car is designed to be driven, Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille offers owners of these beauties the opportunity to take them out on the road for a rally. And here too, each one has its own!

Chantilly Art & Elegance Tour

Offered since the first edition to the owners of cars from the "The Most Beautiful Cars in the World" concours, this rally takes place on Saturday morning before the automobiles display their finest features on the lawns of the Domaine Le Nôtre.

Classic cars from participating manufacturers are also invited. This leisurely drive along a tourist route of about a hundred kilometers, which varies each year, begins after breakfast and concludes with a bucolic lunch at Polo d'Apremont.

Le Rallye des Extrêmes

The Supercars and Hypercars participating in this rally are always eagerly anticipated by the spectators. Their extreme performances, all qualified in superlatives in terms of both power and design, make them stars along the roads of the region on Saturday morning.

As for their owners, they take advantage of the Mortefontaine circuit to unleash their horsepower... steam without risk to their license. Just like the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Tour, the rally covering about a hundred kilometers will be punctuated by a breakfast and the traditional bucolic lunch at the Apremont Polo Club.

Nouveauté 2024

Le Rallye Le Nôtre

Brand new! This year, clubs can offer their members an afternoon ride on Saturday. After a gourmet lunch, they can follow a carefully crafted roadbook that will take them on the Oise region's most beautiful routes, punctuated by a visit to the Mortefontaine circuit.

About a hundred kilometers journey allowing immersion in the region's historical and natural richness before participating in the Clubs Grand Prix the following day.