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Arts & Elegance Tour

The owners who are entered in the Concours d’Etat will take part on Saturday morning in this “Chantilly Arts & Elegance Tour” at the wheel of the Most Beautiful Cars in the World. On the day’s programme is a 100km-tour through the luxuriant local forests and the neighbouring regional natural park packed with remarkable historic trees. It will also provide the collectors with the opportunity to discover the many historic monuments in the region before meeting up for lunch in a handpicked location!

Supercar rally

As a link between past, present and future of automotive world, Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille hosts a rally dedicated to Supercars and Ultracars from the 1980s to today. Non-exhaustive list : 8C Alfa Romeos; DB7 Zagato Aston Martins ; EB110 & Veyron Bugattis; Enzo, F40, F50 & 288 GTO Ferraris; GT Fords; Apollo Gumperts; Diablo & Gallardo Lamborghinis; F1 GTR McLarens; SLR Mercedes McLarens; Zonda Paganis; Carrera GT & 918 Porsches …

These exceptional machines were a big hit with the many spectators who lined the route as the cars made their way to the Mortefontaine private circuit where they were able to go flat out. Given their success with the public they occupy a special place on the following day.