In 2016, the themes in the classes have been completely reshuffled to provide a new spectacle comprising cars that are seldom put on display.

A wide-ranging period of the history of the motor car will be covered as there will be a class devoted to steam cars, a major technological innovation that revolutionised society in the 19th century. The class showing the beginnings of aerodynamics will transport the crowd into the 20th century, the era in which the motor car reached its apogee and sports cars drove technical progress. Five classes will be devoted to racing cars of the last century, one of which will celebrate the fabulous career of one of the most famous and most-titled French team managers: Bugatti, the grand prix cars, front-engined Formula 1 cars, the cars of the Tour de France Automobile (1951-1964 & 1969-1986) and a Special ‘Homage Jean Todt,’ an extraordinary career. The 2016 event will also celebrate the creations of famous Italian coachbuilder, Zagato, with three classes. Cars with a less sporting but original pedigree will be the subject of the categories reserved for atypical coachwork (wood, fabric, wickerwork, etc.), large saloons and touring limousines, as well as masterpieces of French coach building. And last but not least the classes for English makes that have vanished, and the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Miura P400 unveiled at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show will round off the rich selection of vehicles on display.

Bugatti, the Grand Prix cars

The front engine Formula 1 cars

The steam cars

Bugatti Type 54

Ferrari 555 Super Squalo

White Rear Entry Tonneau

The former English marques (Pre-War)

The former English marques (Post-War) Open Cars

The former English marques (Post-War) Closed Cars

Wolseley HP10 Doctors Coupé E3

Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica

Bristol 401 Touring

A great Italian coachbuilder: Zagato (Pre-War)

A great Italian coachbuilder: Zagato (Post-War)

A great Italian coachbuilder: Zagato (Special Alfa Romeo)

Alfa Romeo 8C 2.3 Zagato Spyder

Aston Martin DB4 Zagato

Alfa Romeo TZ

The improbable coachworks (Wood, fabric, wicker…)

French coachwork masterpieces (Pre-War) Open Cars

French coachwork masterpieces (Pre-War) Closed Cars

Panhard & Levassor Skiff-Torpedo

Hispano-Suiza J12 (Type 68 bis)

Bugatti T57 Atalante

French coachwork masterpieces (Post-War)

The Tour de France Automobile cars (1951-1964)

The Tour de France Automobile cars (1969-1986)

Citroën Majesty

Mercedes 300 SL "Sportabteilung"


Tribute to the Pozzi Racing Team

The great untouched travel sedan cars and limousines (Pre-War)

The Aerodynamic’s beginnings – Pre-War open road cars

Ferrari 512 BB LM

Renault 40CV

Lancia Astura Cabriolet "Bocca"

The Aerodynamic’s beginnings – Pre-War closed road cars

Tribute to: Jean Todt – Fifty years of an outstanding career


Fiftieth anniversary of the Lamborghini Miura P400 unveiled at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show

Delage D8-120 Aerosport Coupé

Ferrari F2004

Lamborghini Miura P400