SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2019


There is no need to present Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille with its fifth edition taking place on Sunday June 30th 2019. This event will now occur every two years, alternating with Le Mans Classic.

Multiple awards have given this event the international renown and fame required to be on the classic automobile contests’ podium. During this event the relaxed atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon in the countryside allows us to celebrate l’art de vivre à la française in many different sectors such as the motorcar industry, gastronomy, art and luxury but it also underlines a whole way of life.

The event will still have its three automobile contests, two rallies and diverse array of activities will also be part of the celebration, suitable for everyone.

  • Peter Auto will exhibit at Retromobile (Paris) from Wednesday 6th to Sunday, February 10th (Hall 1, Row M, Stand 41). The events of the 2019 season will be presented along with Le Mans Classic 2020. Over 120 000 visitors and 600 exceptional classic cars are expected for the 44th…

  • The ticketing for Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille is open. The fifth edition will be on Sunday, June 30, 2019. Boosted by the success of the previous four editions, and still on the lookout for improvements to enhance the excellence of the event, Peter Auto is enriching and…

  • Peter Auto’s 2018 season isn’t over yet and already the 2019 calendar is being unveiled! From Catalonia to Lombardy via the Tour de France in five stages, the Belgian Ardennes, Burgundy, Hungary and Provence, the 2019 season comprises nine events.  This calendar of mouth-watering…



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Exceptional cars


“It’s very nice to see a mix of car enthusiasts sharing a same passion”

Paul Belmondo
“These wonderful cars with this chateau on the same picture… It’s unique!”
Nick Mason

“These cars are wonderful… Especially in a place like that!”

Felipe Massa

“We see cars having exceptional details and the technic was amazing for that time… It’s beautiful!”

Chantal Thomass

“It’s a really enjoyable Sunday in a friendly, good-humoured atmosphere.”

Richard Mille

“A fantastic event that brings the most beautiful cars while highlighting arts and crafts and elegance.”

Guillaume Davin (Moynat)

“Collectors soon twigged that it was in their interest to sell their cars in a place like Chantilly.”

James Knight (Bonhams)

“The Concours d’Elégance is exceptional because of its setting and the choice of concept presented.”

Arnaud Ribault (DS Automotives)

“The greatest collectors say that this concours is one of the best in the world!”

Denis Brogniart (TV host)

“France was THE country of concours d’elégance – we’d forgotten that!”

François Allain (Journaliste & Historien)

“It’s a fantastic celebration of the motor car. It’s a paradise for all the fans of beautiful cars.”

Marc Langenbrinck (Mercedes-Benz)